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TradeDrive Tensioning belt Lashing strap Ratchet strap 6.0m 500/1000 kg, 0.5/1.0 t two-part 2-pt

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Item number: 10001484
Tensile force: 500 kg
Max. load: 1000 kg
Length: 6 m
ab 3.80
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Nothing is more annoying than when, for example, you have ordered a piano, you are having it delivered to your home by a specialist shipping company, and it is damaged due to insufficient load securing during transport. Granted, in cases such as this the carrier is liable, but is there any need for all the hassle? Here the clear answer is this: No! In reality, an fine and expensive instrument such as this can indeed be secured on a loading surface, using our secure, high-quality two-part tensioning belt. These two-part tensioning belts consist of 100% high-strength polyester and impress simply on account of their tensile force. They also offer a very high level of stability with a very long lifespan.

This tensioning belt can accommodate a maximum load of 1.0 tonne and has a tensile force of up to 500 kilograms, with a total length of 6 metres. Using the corrosion-resistant ratchet made from robust steel, the goods to be secured can be lashed completely securely and are thus effectively protected against slipping or skidding during transport. Of course, this high-quality tensioning belt is not limited to the transportation of pianos. In fact, they can be used in a host of different ways in the area of freight transport, which by lane, by sea or by air. This also applies with regard to use in a private setting, such as in the case of a home removal.

When must a tensioning belt be replaced?
  • in case of tears or abrasion
  • in case of damage to the ratchet or connections
  • in case of missing or no longer legible labels
  • in case of deformations caused by heat
  • in case of damage caused by the influence of harmful or aggressive substances
  • in case of tears, breaks or visible corrosion-related damage
Techincal details

general information

ultramarine blue
1000 kg


6 m

Tension belts, etc.

50 cm
25 mm
7 %
500 kg

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