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Block and tackle Rope pull Chain pull 2000 kg / 2 t - 2,5 m / 250 cm - round

Item number: 10000956
max. Lift height: 2,5 m
Capacity: 2000 kg
Chain size: 6 mm
Weight: 17 kg
delivery time: 10 Tag(e)
incl. VAT  plus shipping

Hotline: +49 8123 9890900

Bestellungen mit Geldeingang bis 16 Uhr werden noch am selben Tag verschickt (Mo-Fr)

On construction sites or similar projects, heavy loads have to be moved around from low positions to high, or vice versa, on a daily basis. For example, this may be heavy bags of cement or work tools. For the workers it would be absolutely laborious to haul these about by hand. Therefore, they should all pay homage to good old Archimedes. For a long time ago, this wise Greek invented the block and tackle, putting to use the laws of leverage in a simple way in order to lift loads. With the block and tackle offered here, you can follow his lead without any problem. It has sa rounded design and thanks to its two chain strands, it has a maximum load capacity of a respectable 2.0 tonnes. With this quality product you can lift loads up to a height of 2,5 m. The block and tackle is very robust and has an external transmission. The rotatable suspension and load hooks of the block and tackle have safeguards that effectively secure the load against slipping and falling. To this end, this quality product also has a load brake. The high-quality block and tackle features a very simple control system and produces a very strong tractive force on account of its very good gear ratio.

This block and tackle sets itself apart on account of its very simple and reliable handling. It is ideally suited for a host of applications in all areas of life in which loads have to be moved from a high position to a low position or vice versa. Thus, for example, they can be put to effective use in workshops, in agriculture and landscaping, in garages, in handicraft, in industry or in private use. This durable and high-quality product is sure to pay for itself extremely quickly.
Techincal details

general information

17 kg
2000 kg
2 m
410 mm
2 t
2000 kg



Tension belts, etc.

330 N
6 mm
195 cm

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Block and tackle Rope pull Chain pull 2000 kg / 2 t - 2,5 m / 250 cm - round
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