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Carrier clamp mounting clamp

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Item number: 10005698
Maximum load capacity:
5000 kgOwn weight:
10,7 kgSpread width:
extendable from 80 cm to 320 cm

Hotline: +49 8123 9890900

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The carrier and mounting clamp

Our carrier and mounting clamps are optimally suited for attaching a lifting structure to steel girders. In combination with winches or pulleys, it creates flexible lifting possibilities.

Flexible stability - right where you want it
Often, a well-organised and efficient warehouse requires a variety of ways to lift goods or tools through the air to their place of use. Our mounting clamps give you a secure and flexible hold in any place in the warehouse. The only requirement: a support beam! As soon as a support beam is available in your warehouse or workshop, you can attach the carrier clamp to it with the clamping function. Simply mount the carrier clamp on the steel girder at the desired position. The spindle allows a secure fixing of the clamp. At this point, you can attach a cable to perform a lifting activity. The sturdy steel construction carries a weight of up to 5000 kg with a spread width of 80 cm to 320 cm The clamp is designed for the maximum utilisation of *maximum load* and can easily hold goods with this weight. However, make sure that the bars can also withstand this weight. Materials other than steel are not permitted for fixation.
Versatile - in combination with our traction technology Now, you not only have the option of holding up goods at any point but, in combination with a rope or pulley block, you can lift the respective goods into the air. At the lower ring lifting device - under consideration of the respective load capacities - a pulling device can be attached. Together with the carrier clamp, you can now create a stable and flexible crane system that is no longer restricted to the limits of a stationary crane, but can be used wherever you need it.
Techincal details

general information

320 cm
11 kg
5000 kg
5000 kg
80 cm
5000 kg


10 mm

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Carrier clamp mounting clamp

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